What We Do

M&A and Business Transition Valuations

We combine the art and sciance of data and analysis to produce business valuations that make sense and have practical application. Whether you are completing a generational transfer, getting ready for the open market or just curoius about your business for a future transaction, we’ve got you covered.

Due Diligence

Need the financial M&A expertise that comes with having been on both side of a deal? We provide financial due diligence services including quality of earnings and proof of cash testing along with debt coverage, return on investment and working capital calculations.

Concierge-Level Fractional CFO Services

Our fractional CFO services range from giving you basic financial confidence to partnering with you to build sustainable and scalable value.  We specialize in construction, manufacturing and distribution companies that generate $3 million to $25 million per year in revenue.


No down talking. No insider jargon. 100% straight truth and trust in financial consulting.

“Jennifer Peek is the financial whisperer and wizard who always has insightful viewpoints and solutions. When money conundrums present themselves, she offers simple solutions that are practical, wise, and easy to understand so I can get busy building business.”

Angela Jia Kim

CEO & Founder, Savor Beauty