Case Studies: Improving Business Financial Health

What we do for many of our clients is sort of, well, invisible.  Yes, we have reports that we issue for business valuations and financial due diligence.  Even then, you can’t see what goes on behind the curtain.

This is even more true in our work on financial autopsies and assessments.

Where it starts…

Peace of mind can be one of the best business and financial tools a business owner can have.  And, man, it can be hard to come by.

Whether you are a business owner or a CEO (or both!), you can feel the uncertainty that is showing in bits and pieces in the financial results.  Sometimes, it comes through in a much more dramatic way….like making payroll.  In any circumstance, the biggest issue is often just not knowing.  The anxiety in not knowing but suspecting.  The distraction caused by lack of transparency.  The need to make decisions but not having enough complete information to do so.

The challenges show up in many different ways and many times it is because companies have outgrown their people or processes.

The Results We Get

Ultimately, what we care the most about are the RESULTS we get for our clients.   We tailor our assessments, autopsies and triage efforts to our clients’ needs.

Most of that work is truly behind the scenes.  We geek out on well-organized billing and payment systems.  We love streamlined systems and documented procedures.  We thrive on accounting systems that support the financial and management reporting that is the most important to the management team.

And…the best way we can show you is in the results we have achieved for our past clients.  We have three case studies that showcase this better than anything.  Pick one or two or three to dive into…